Plumbing Tips

Check For Leaks

Leaks are often the culprit for unexplained increased consumption, and toilet leaks are the most common. A single running toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water in a two month billing period. Repairing toilet leaks are usually easy and inexpensive to repair.

Toilet Leak

To check for a leak, remove the top of the tank behind the bowl and put three or four drops of food coloring in the tank water. Don't flush the toilet for an hour or more if possible. Then check the water in the bowl, if the bowl water has been colored with the food coloring, you have a leak. This type of leak is usually easy to eliminate by replacing the flapper assembly. If this does not work, consult your hardware store or plumber.

Other Leaks

Check for dripping faucets, and fixtures. If you don't find any leaks or drips, the next step is to read your meter. Read your meter just before the residence is going to be empty for several hours. Upon return, read your meter again. If the meter reading has changed, there is a leak in your water line after the meter or somewhere in the home. A plumber may be needed.

Meter Test

If you feel as though your meter is not working properly and you have checked for leaks, then you may request a meter test. The customer may request a meter test at any time.

The following are the procedures for requesting a meter test.

  1. Call the office at (865) 687 - 5345 during normal business hours to request the meter be tested.
  2. An appointment will be made with Northeast Knox Utility District.
  3. Company personnel will come to your residence during normal business hours, to remove the meter for testing.
  4. A different meter will be installed in place of the meter in question, and a meter reading will be taken at the time of installation.
  5. One hundred gallons of water will be run through the meter in question.  After the test is completed NEKUD will contact the customer with the results.
  6. If no discrepancy is found in the accuracy of the meter that has been tested this meter will be re installed at the customer's residence. A meter reading will be taken on the temporary meter and any usage will be recorded before its removal and prior to the re installation of the tested meter.  The cost for an accuracy test is $20.00 plus any additional fess related to the testing of said meter.