About Your Bill

Account numbers are found on your bill above your name and address. Please have your account number and the name that appears on the bill ready when making inquires. This will assist Company personnel in providing you with quick, accurate service.


Water bills are produced and levied in arrears, meaning customers use the water prior to being billed for it.


Payment Period - Payment must be received by Net Due Date  without incurring a late charge (sometimes referred to as a penalty charge). The date of payment is determined by the postmark on the envelope, when mailed, or the actual date, when presented at the office.


Late Charge - The current late charge is 10% of the net due less taxes. The unpaid balance may contain previously accrued late charges.  No late charges are applied to taxes or past due amounts.

If your Account Number is Between: 010050 to 359999 400100 to 649999 650100 to 989999
Your meter will be read on: 1st  11th  21st
Your bill will be mailed on:  10th  20th  30th
Your bill will be due on:  20th  30th  10th
Your water will be cut off if not paid before:  30th  10th  20th

To better serve you please contact a customer service representative at (865) 687 - 5345 or email customer.service@nekud.com to update your contact information.