Northeast Knox Utility District

Serving Northeast Knox residents since 1959 NEKUD Board of Commissioners meeting will be held Monday, August 26, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. at the utility office located 7214 Washington Pike.






Our goals are to meet the immediate needs of our customers and provide planning to ensure that future needs will be met while maintaining comparable fees and rates that will ensure the financial integrity of our system.

Notice to all NEKUD customers when making a credit card payment.

Please make sure you are using the Northeast Knox Utility District's payment website. We ask you to be aware of other companies that are offering a "pay online" service for a fee. If you agree to their terms you will be charged a flat processing fee and there is the possibility that your payment may not reach us in a timely manner, causing problems with your account. You are also giving your credit card number to someone other than the utility company.